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CCNRD Year in Review 

The CCNRD fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. Below are activities completed between July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022.

  • Water Quality: The CCNRD received a $20,000 grant from the Wyoming Department of Agriculture to monitor water quality and to provide cost assistance on range and water improvement projects. The CCNRD managed two 319 grants from the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, completing one in December 2021. Water samples are taken on impaired stretches of the Belle Fourche River and Donkey Creek to assess E. coli, ammonia, and chloride concentrations. Five range and water improvement projects were completed.
  • Forest Health: CCNRD’s Forest Health program includes non-commercial thinning and hazardous fuel reduction projects (defensible space, fuel breaks and fuel treatments.)  Over $400,000 in new grant funding was secured during this timeframe to also include wildlife habitat improvement projects to benefit the wildlife while also improving the landscape.
  • Outreach: The CCNRD hosted the Local Work Group meeting for Crook, Campbell, and Weston County. The CCNRD returned to the classrooms and youth camps providing education on natural resource topics to elementary students. The CCNRD was present at the Crook County Fair with a booth for educational materials and program information as well as a display case in the Crook County Courthouse.
  • Soil Health: CCNRD has continued the partnership with Plank Stewardship Initiative to offer cost share assistance to implement the five principles of soil health on their property. Thirteen contracts were fulfilled, and 985 acres of cover crops were planted in Crook County as a result.
  • Tree Sale: In April 2022, the CCNRD offered the tree sale program for the first time since 2011. 873 conservation grade potted trees, shrubs and berries were sold to 81 county residents. The response to the sale was positive and the CCNRD plans to continue offering the tree sale.
  • Waste Management: The CCNRD hosted two electronics recycling events in August 2021 in the Sundance and Hulett communities. Over 9,243 pounds of electronic waste was collected, for a grant total exceeding 54,000 pounds in 6 years. Sponsor contributions allowed the first 100 pounds to remain free for the residents of Crook County.
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