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Board Members

Are you interested in becoming a District Supervisor? The application period is August 7 - August 28, 2024. Applicants file for the election with the Crook County Clerk's office.  

District Supervisors establish programs to address local natural resource concerns, prioritize programs and projects, provide direction for the staff to administer programs, and serve as an advocate and local voice in the conservation of our county’s natural resources.

Anyone who is a registered voter and resident of Crook County is eligible to serve as a conservation district supervisor. Once elected, Supervisors serve a 4-year term. Candidates must meet the residency requirements for the duration of the term. By statute, three positions are rural, one urban and one at-large.

Urban: Must reside in an incorporated municipality (Sundance, Moorcroft, Hulett, Pine Haven)

Rural: Must reside in Crook County and outside of an incorporated area

At-Large: May reside anywhere in Crook County.

Supervisors do not receive compensation for duties, except for expenses incurred. Vacancies are filled by appointment by the Board of Agriculture based on recommendation of the district supervisors. Appointees serve until the next general election and at that time they will run for the unexpired term.

CCNRD Board of Supervisors

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Wayne Garman, Wanda Burget, Lily Altaffer, Kim Fundaun, Casey Devish
  • Wayne Garman, Chairman, Rural, term expires 2024
  • Lily Altaffer, Vice Chairman, At-large, term expires 2024
  • Wanda Burget, Treasurer, Rural, term expires 2026
  • Kim Fundaun, Secretary, Rural, term expires 2026
  • Casey Devish, Member, Urban, term expires 2024



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