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Electronics Recycling

Sundance: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm at the Crook County Fairgrounds shade structure- follow the signs

Hulett: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm in front of Hulett Town Hall


2023 Sponsors: (as of 8/28/2023)

City of Sundance and Town of Hulett

Gold Level: Powder River Energy, Sundance State Bank, ONEOK

Silver Level: Pinnacle Bank, Neiman Enterprises

 Blakeman Propane


We will help you unload and weigh your items. It's helpful if they are in your trunk or the back of your pickup. We will weigh them and if you have under 100 pounds it is free, any amounts over  will be charged $0.40 per pound. All amounts will be rounded to the nearest pound and nearest dollar.

Please take your cardboard and styrofoam with you.

We can take assorted types of batteries, such as batteries for drills and vehicles, and household batteries. Please separate these as they will be going to a different location. Thanks!


list; electronics; acceptable items


May contain: desk, table, furniture, grass, plant, hat, clothing, person, glasses, accessories, advertisement, laptop, pc, electronics, computer, portrait, photography, head, face, summer, yard, outdoors, nature, shelter, building, architecture, cup, and poster
Jessie and Bridget working at the Hulett event

At the event, items are weighed, categorized, and loaded onto a flatbed trailer with the help of Protech Computing and local volunteers. Protech handles the hauling of the materials to Metech Recycling in Denver, Colorado. The electronics are dismantled and repurposed and the hazardous waste is safely disposed. Metech was chosen because they maintain E-2 certifications and utilize processes to ensure that sensitive information is secure and cannot be retrieved.

In August 2022, the CCNRD held two electronic recycling events in Hulett and Sundance. These events prevent unwanted electronics from entering the landfill in Crook County or from being shipped to other countries. These events have become very popular with the residents of Crook County. The CCNRD takes great pride in providing this service with the financial assistance of the Crook County Commissioners, City of Sundance, and Town of Hulett; in 2022 sponsorships from Sundance State Bank, Powder River Energy, ONEOK, Neiman Enterprises and Pinnacle Bank were received as well to help offset the rising costs in recycling.

May contain: person, man, adult, male, shoe, footwear, clothing, box, glove, hat, plywood, wood, wristwatch, truck, vehicle, transportation, and car
The trailer is loaded after the electronics are weighed.

These events have taken place annually since 2016 with an average collection of nearly 9,000 pounds of waste per year and a total of over 61,000 pounds of electronic waste recycled!

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